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With an influx of a few well-known figures from the underground into the ranks of A&R, major labels (there are only, what, four of them now?) have stomped out much of the bootleg industry and taken up for themselves the process of contemporary remixing of some of the disco classics languishing in their back catalogs. In this case, Unidisc owns the publishing for funk, boogie and disco label Prelude, and Unidisc in turn is owned by Universal Music Group. Someone in the building knows what the right side of a 12″ looks like as they’ve hired Dave Lee from Z Records to remix “Come On Dance, Dance” from Saturday Night Band, a Prelude studio project helmed by Jesse Boyce and Moses Dilliard.

“Come On Dance, Dance” took up the entire B side on their 1978 album of the same name, and was one of the few occasions in late ’70s disco history when the 12″ single for a song was actually 50% shorter than the album version. The single didn’t even have the open-shirted Travolta lookalike mugging in the background from the album cover. (Saturday Night Fever came out in 1977 and the name and cover art were riding the wave in a disco-mad nation.)

Commissioned by Unidisc, Dave Lee gives the disco mix (more than 12 minutes long in its album format) a rub down — it’s about 9 minutes in his main mix, including a cheeky little bongo-riddled breakdown toward the 6 minute mark that will be catnip for DJs and dancefloors. Running out of the phone booth, “Doug Willis” sneaks in a secret mix here that blends the rough sound of early Philly disco with some modern house treatment — something akin to a mid-’00s mix with Full Intention’s chunky drums, or something from the same era by his friend Dave Lee. A super-stripped down and lean Reprise mix rounds out a must-have record for the heads.

⚪️ Come On Dance, Dance Tracklisting

Saturday Night Band: "Come On Dance, Dance" (Dave Lee Remixes) (Unidisc / Prelude / Digital)
1. Come On Dance, Dance (Dave Lee Disco Mix) (8:50)
2. Come On Dance, Dance (Dave Lee Reprise) (3:09)
3. Come On Dance, Dance (Dave Lee Instrumental) (8:51)
4. Come On Dance, Dance (Edited) (8:09)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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