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The next major record from a resurgent Scan 7 finds the shadowy players behind the alias mad in the studio, mad on your monitors and mad on hot wax. Third Ear has announced this grooving, deep and dubby EP presenting a passageway into the mind of some of Detroit’s unsung heroes. “Who Stole the Soul” leads off with a dangerous contraband compartment full of funk. This is so fucking dope — a thousand records try to do this and a dozen of them are pushed before your nose every day, but they can’t capture the spirit that Scan 7 harness to coax these incredibly deep sounds out of their machines. “Love Laugh Live” turns the lights down and “Groovin'” blasts you in funky colors for a trip of psychedelic soul. By the time you hit the run-out, you’ll be amped for the B-side and if anything the sounds are even more lively, diving into deep house, laid-back beats and, out of nowhere, on the last inch of wax the uproarious future gospel of “Watching Over Me.”

And then there’s this:

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This is the music of people striving — striving to capture their thoughts and emotions and the impressionistic snapshots of their environment. Much like their last album, 2019’s Between Worlds (Deeptrax), there is not a trace of the trivial here, not a note or spare kick tossed in just because. It’s like the blueprint of Macchu Picchu’s finely fit stones, quarried from the bedrock of Detroit.

Scan 7: Orchestrated Reality (Third Ear / April 2021 / 12″ Vinyl)
A1. Scan 7: “Who Stole The Soul”
A2. Scan 7: “Love Laugh Live”
A3. Scan 7: “Groovin”
B1. Scan 7: “Orchestrated Reality”
B2. Scan 7: “Chillin”
B3. “Watching Over Me”

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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