Quantize Releases the Upfront “We The People”

House music = consciousness.

Ten years ago, the intersection of politics and music was a hotly-contested issue in the dance music scene. Namely: how little of it there was.

I don’t think that claim could be made today. In 2015 Roland Clark and Alexander Technique released “I Can’t Breathe” in response to the death of Eric Garner. Josh Milan has been doing tremendous work on this front on Honeycomb. Theo Parrish has been at the forefront with his “W.O.K.E. Radio” project as well as “Gullah Geechee“. Brutha Basil has also been an artist at the forefront of injecting a political message into the music, in particular via City Streets on DJ Spen’s Quantize. And I’m not going out of my way to look for this.

“We The People” sees Quantize again step to the plate with a four track EP from Scoob & Freeze, the team behind last year’s “Jungle Deep.” No question about it here: “We The People” has an upfront message about pride, respect, unity and freedom, delivered smoothly via soulful song and spoken word from Fhena & Maleke O’ney aka Native Pulse. The percussion is akin to what you’d usually find in afro-house and bold keys that fill up the room. This is another track from Quantize that begs to be played loud for all the right reasons.

Scoob & Freez: We The People (Quantize Recordings)
1. Scoob & Freez ft. Native Pulse: We The People (9:50)
2. Scoob & Freez ft. Native Pulse: We The People (Radio Edit) (4:32)
3. Scoob & Freez ft. Native Pulse: We The People (Reprise) (8:48)
4. Scoob & Freez ft. Native Pulse: We The People (Instrumental) (9:50)


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