Second City Firsts: Paradise Circus EP

Two Deep House gems from Birmingham native Steve "Griffo" Griffiths under the Second City Firsts alias.

Titled after a historic area in the UK’s second city, Birmingham (recently rebranded perhaps rather too enthusiastically simply as “Paradise”), Paradise Circus is the new two-tracker by veteran UK DJ and producer Steve “Griffo” Griffiths. Using the production alias “Second City Firsts” as a tribute to his hometown, Steve is now based in sunny Spain, the influence of which can clearly be heard all over these languid, smooth Deep House cuts.

Opening track “Latido Del Corazon” (or “heartbeat” to you and me) shimmers with a wonderfully retro, ’90s Ibizan terrace feel, underpinned by a simple bassline which subtly seeps its way into the consciousness to the point that you miss it dearly when it drops out. “Espiritu de Verano” drives a little harder toward an expansive sonic horizon made up of sweeping, old-school chords and saxophone samples that hover just on the safe side of cheesy. It’s no surprise to learn that Steve has been DJing since the late ’80s; his arrangements display a level of expertise and “dancefloor sense” that precious few young producers are able to master these days.

Out now on relatively new deep house label Mabuk, I’m told a remix package will be following along in due course, but in the meantime I highly recommend checking out these two deep gems.


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