I’ve been sitting on these tracks so long and all I’ve wanted to do is share them with you. Having had the sneak preview, I can say that this dynamite on wax still blows me away some six or eight months later. These studio projects with Secret Studio are a thing of beauty, and following up on amazing releases with D’Marc Cantu, JTC and others comes this double barreled machinegasm of dance music featuring SS and KiNK. “Alarm Call” is a stripped down beat track without peer – drum machines trigger and drown you in a hazy fuzz that gets in your hair and your clothes and smells vaguely like the repair counter at a Radio Shack. “Black Friday” has a lively groove sailing past the whine and howls of burned out circuits and dying machines. That’s all it is: one epic per side, no compromises.

Very rarely have I felt like I wanted to collect all the records from a new label, even a very good one, but I do with these. I don’t know what they have planned for the future but the history of Secret Studio is the kind of treasure and jetsam one makes legends out of.

Secret Studio featuring KiNK: Black Friday/Alarm Call (Secret Studio Records)
A1. Secret Studio featuring KiNK: “Black Friday” (9:41)
B1. Secret Studio featuring KiNK: “Alarm Call” (7:42)


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