Secret Studio: Thought Subtraction EP

Every record from these guys feels like a real “secret” – a present shared from two neighbors that moved away to California to become hippies and the fam they left back home. It’s not an actual secret who makes up the SS Records crew, but I also believe there’s a conscious striving for anonymity that I’ll respect (if this sounds a bit too precious or clever, I think you need to go back to the bins and take a look at some of the key records to come out of the Midwest from 1990 or so and reconsider).

Despite their present mailing address, though, you can trace all three tracks forensically to Chicago, not so much for the claps or jack but an authentic raw’az’hell aesthetic that seems to be the hallmark of everything dope that Chicago can beat into a young music maker. “Let Me Hit It” is raw’az’hell and catchy’az’hell but “Ssaattaayy” is pretty much the best acid track that Armando never made and makes this record buy-on-sight by the very premise. “Thought Subtraction” is not far behind: a rolling Italo-style bassline gallops ahead with Moroder-meets-acid stylings. Gorgeous.

The vinyl for Thought Subtraction will ship in May, but pre-ordering gives you immediate access to the digital files – just another reason why these guys are dope and why Bandcamp remains the only retailer not engaged in a massive fuck over of the artist today.


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