Wonderful five track EP from a label that just keeps coming. Selections has emerged as one of the best deep house labels in the world over the last two years, with a sterling roster and a sound rooted in an underground and vinyl-oriented sensibility. What do we mean by that? There’s nothing superfluous here — when you pay by the side, you tend not to cater to whims and pretentiousness and kissing ass and your roommate’s belief that just letting him remix this one track will be the nudge that pushes his career into a new orbit. And it’s an understanding that you’re not making a record for the second week of June or November or even a single Friday on a calendar but forever, or as long as it takes for vinyl to break down and return to the Earth. Can you hear that in a track? I think you can. You get one shot at this and you’ve lost a fuck of a lot of money if you miss. You bring your best.

Special Edition is a new series, the 2023 number leads off with Lea Lisa’s “Conversation Between Us” (Heide Club Mix) — an essential track, rolling with good vibes and a sophisticated sway. Javonntte remixes Evenn’s “One For Love” and this is where I lost my shit. In a style maybe similar to Jovonn or fellow Detroit DJ Dez Andrés, Javonntte spins this one like mad, isolating the essential bits down to the strings, a nodding rhythm and a vocal that just wrecks me.

The B Side leads with Black Loops dropping a “6am” mix right on time with Dan Only’s “Love Saturates.” Rubbery bass and drums that pop like Earl Young did a special session just for them — this is another high point. This record is raging with them. If you are a working DJ you will get just a ton of mileage out of this five track EP, as special as it says on the sticker.

⚪️ Special Edition 2023 Tracklisting

V/A: Special Edition 2023 (Selections / 12" Vinyl)
A1. Lea Lisa - "Conversation Between Us" (Heide club mix) (6:52)
A2. Evenn - "One For Love" (Javonntte Stripped mix) (6:55)
B1. Dan Only - "Love Saturates" (Black Loops 6am mix) (6:00)
B2. Sean Roman - "Sir William" (5:06)
B3. Jamn Ensemble - "Convection" (6:32)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was not submitted as a promo.

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5 Mag Issue 210
Out November 2023

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