The appropriately titled label Selections kicks off with a three track EP from Nick Holder. These date from the late ’90s, the turn of the century and the early aughts, remastered and pressed as the vinyl-only Selected Works. There’s something lovely about all three tracks, among them “Love Is Blind” (1999, and it would be dope to learn who did the vocal), the fuzzy-headed sway of “Blackman” and the crowdpleasing tease “She Likes It.”

Nick Holder is one of those North American producers who deserve all the credit they ever got and twice more for their glacial influence on the succeeding generations of producers that studied records like this like a Rosetta Stone.

Nick Holder: Selected Works / Selections / November 2019 / 12″ vinyl
A1. Nick Holder: “Love Is Blind” (6:35)
B1. Nick Holder: “Blackman” (6:00)
B2. Nick Holder: “She Likes It” (remix) (6:46)



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