Jasen Loveland from Serenace and Infinite Refractions passed away in May of 2021; this record represents a tribute and memorial of sorts by Serenace partner C. Cumby and the label Shaw Cuts which released their Flying Guillotine EP a few years ago. The three original tracks on The Flying Guillotine Part 2 were created by Serenace prior to Loveland’s death, polished up and are primed to be unleashed at the end of September on 12″ vinyl as well as with a digital release.

The Flying Guillotine 2 is rabid, with the very notion of narrow or even broadly-defined genres being dismantled phrase by phrase. “Current” launches out of the mothership with breakbeats but breakbeats that hit hard, psychometabolistic breakbeats with a low end that pursues and sometimes overtakes the daredevil percussion that can’t shake it. The remix by Shaw Cuts’ Farron has a bright and airy vibe — a real classic Detroit techno sound in that stomping bass and the sparse, reverb’d chords that orbit around it. “Aiming From A Distance” and “Test 21” swell with hypnotic waves, but with a sense of freshness, a liveliness. The tracks on The Flying Guillotine 2 have a rare kinetic energy, like they were ripped right off the mixing board at a rave we’re not nearly cool enough to be invited to attend.

Loveland had a deep discography both in and out of Serenace. The Flying Guillotine 2 is an inspirational tribute to the artist and an invitation to dive in.

⚪️ The Flying Guillotine 2 Tracklisting

Serenace: The Flying Guillotine 2 (Shaw Cuts / 12" Vinyl + Digital)
1. Current (06:54)
2. Aiming From A Distance (06:26)
3. Test 21 (06:40)
4. Current (Farron Remix) (05:46)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.


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