If we showcased a new record from Shawn Rudiman in every issue, it still wouldn’t be enough to satiate the masses or to keep up with Rudiman’s prodigious output. Pittsburgh Tracks has undergone a resurgence in the last year and Rudiman has been riding point at the tip of the spear, with the brilliant LP Timespan followed up with … The Next Planet Over.

“Switching Rails” is my jam, acid house in a different dialect and awash in psychoactive claps and layer over layer of lush electronics.

“Works on Paper” is crying out for a pun but I won’t cave: drums that sound like an army of shot zombies on the march pound out a rhythm for synth eruptions from a fully charged phaser bank. When people compare Rudiman’s tracks to “classic Detroit,” I think the point of reference is that groove. It’s so much more soulful and addictive than 90% of the techno records I hear today (or then, come to think of it). The Rudiman Groove is sometimes submerged and lurking but it’s always there, stirring calm waters and ready to strike. There’s no real credit to inventing a new genre these days but Rudiman is fairly close to making singular records that fit only in their own bin. He can fill it up, too.

Shawn Rudiman: …The Next Planet Over (Pittsburgh Tracks)
1. Shawn Rudiman: Works on Paper (05:44)
2. Shawn Rudiman: Last Light On (05:14)
3. Shawn Rudiman: Switching Rails (06:49)
4. Shawn Rudiman: One More Sometime (03:53)



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