Silvia Trix: Intercity EP

A fusillade of drums and heavy bass opens and closes the Intercity EP from Silvia Trix, released in November on some kind of colored wax from AFULAB. The title track slaps you up with the hard shit: gliding high end tones gradually knuckle under to a catchy but ominous hook. That riff grabs you by the shoulder and shakes you pretty damn hard – it has a familiar quality I haven’t been able to put my finger on other than to say I like this. “Altan 3” and “Crossings” are the sort of tracks that get played far more than they get charted: vertabrae in the spine of any DJ set, they’re both interesting enough on their own to keep things moving while being flexible enough to mark a transition in mood. “Crossings” reminds me of the kind of paranoid tracks Tresor released in its glory days: purely mental, with a meat metronome at its heart marking the time.


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