Butch and C.Vogt Parallels

The remixes on “Parallels” are straight fire. The original track from Butch and C.Vogt is deep and dreamy, a waking fever dream that Skudge and S.A.M. outfit with a high octane engine and racing stripes. Skudge’s dubby mix lures you in with shiny hi-hats that jack for a solid 60 seconds — and then things get really interesting. Tear this beat track down to the foundation stones and you’ll have a series of loops but it’s so much more than that. With no effects, no gimmicks or tricks Skudge makes a track that is almost guaranteed to make people lose their minds.

S.A.M.’s remix is a close companion, as a razor-sharp metronome stomps steely percussion in time with a roaring bassline. There’s a timelessness to both of these mixes, in that they exist out of time, largely undateable and smoldering with the same heat whether you play them now, tomorrow, last week or three years from now.

Butch and C.Vogt: Parallels (Skudge Dub and S.A.M. Remix) / Otherside (March 6 2020/12″ Vinyl/Digital)
A1. Butch and C.Vogt: “Parallels” (8:56)
B1. Butch and C.Vogt: “Parallels” (SAM remix) (8:49)
B2. Butch and C.Vogt: “Parallels” (Skudge dub) (5:59)



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