Pittsburgh Track Authority wave the flag for their hometown with a polished but lively single featuring vocalist Brandon Markell Holmes. A vocal house cut, “Slide” appeared in October on 12″ vinyl and digital, with four distinct and eminently dancefloor-ready mixes, plus an instrumental exclusive to Bandcamp. It’s on the “7 a.m.” mix, amidst the nodding and shuffling, that you recognize this is the peak PTA release to date: just a gorgeous song, with a celestial arrangement and strengthened with an outrageously powerful performance by Holmes on the mic. “Slide” is addictive — it’s impossible to get phrases out of your head after the first listen. And “Slide” is sublime: the first break happens so organically, with so little contrivance that your room will never hear it coming — just bask in the radiant glow of Holmes’ voice before the beat bounces back again.

The “Drum Mix” is for the deep deep house DJs, the “Slide Free Dub” for earlier in the set or in the night, and Shawn Rudiman‘s remix is a wild, wild ride for “Slide”: raging tubular horns, desiccated industrial funk and handclaps from the dark corners of outer space on a feral remix that nevertheless remains remarkably true, remarkably rooted, remarkably in communion with “Slide’s” spiritual inspirations.

⚪️ Slide Tracklisting

Pittsburgh Track Authority ft. Brandon Markell Holmes: Slide (Pittsburgh Tracks / 12" Vinyl + Digital)
1. Slide (7am Mix) (06:34)
2. Slide (Drum Mix) (07:16)
3.Slide (Shawn Rudiman Mix) (06:43)
4. Slide (Slide Free Dub) (05:18)
5. Slide (Instrumental - Bandcamp Digital Exclusive) (06:18)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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