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Not all DJs who play a lot get paid a lot, and the true unsung heroes of this bizarre era in music history are the active residents who hold down the bars, backyards and basements of their hometowns. Putting together sets of three to six hours of music every week is a demanding creative exercise and an expensive one too, particularly for the type of DJ unsatisfied with anything less than the best music in the world rather than the best music that shows up as free promos in their inbox.

Stevie B makes music for these kind of DJs; his family of labels from Snazzy Traxx to PIFF Traxx are essential for DJs who need to tap into a constant stream of quality house and garage-influenced tracks. Just Deep does the job with four quality deep house tracks. “92 Flava” could be the title of a whole Spotify playlist. You know from the name what you’re gonna get: rubbery bass, ethereal vocal clips and, from Stevie B, drums that hit and hit hard. “Help The Way” fires away with slammin’ percussion and short little vocal hits that will never not work. The last two tracks are from a series of tracks from his Electribe sampler, Korg’s magical metal box that was seemingly custom-made to streamline Stevie B’s breakneck production pace.

Snazzy Trax: Just Deep EP (Snazzy Traxx / Digital / November 2021)
1. Snazzy Trax: 92 Flava (04:44)
2. Snazzy Trax: Help The Way (05:13)
3. Snazzy Trax: Electribe 008 (Allnight) (05:23)
4. Snazzy Trax: Electribe 018 (Put A Little) (04:55)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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