Massive EP here of Detroit-style techno by way of Argentina as translated through the prism of Chicago. Sol Ortega is the Argentinean in question and her Blue Club EP ticks every box you need to feel good: minimal but powerful grooves, 808 claps and kicks and cosmic synths that entice and intoxicate the senses.

Noble Square’s Ricardo Miranda remixes both the A and B side tracks into a deep dub séance that has to be turned up loud and felt rather than listened to. Spectacular record on wax that dropped in December, distro’d by Groove.

Sol Ortega: The Blue Club (Ricardo Miranda Remixes) / Rhythm Nation
A1. Sol Ortega: “The Underground Establishment”
A2. Sol Ortega: “The Underground Establishment” (dub)
B1. Sol Ortega: “The Blue Club”
B2. Sol Ortega: “The Blue Club” (rerub)



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