Somewhere on the HIGHway to Chapora

This was either the last nice find of the previous year or the first of the new one – I can’t remember which, but it’s been out long enough that I feel some shame for not having jumped on it sooner.

Snad sent this on the heels of a release party at Gramaphone in Chicago. We have three tracks, all of them solid enough to make the first release from Gandu Records a point of pride. The team of Snad, Ignatius Camilo and Deep Toddler came together in the same configuration on 2014’s “Siesta In Mehrauli” from liebe*detail, which shared the same epic approach of “Banana Girl,” the stand out track here that gets a remix from Tom Gillieron. It’s a thumping track that’s given a whole side to spread out, emerging from the muted murk into a chrome aurora of furious percussion with some of 808 State’s chirps . I liked it. There’s something catchy about the more vocal and straight ahead “Somewhere on the HIGHway to Chapora” title track too.

Out: From Gandu Records bandcamp, Crosstalk and Gramaphone.