Son of Sound’s The Love Up Beat Down on Classic

Layer over layer over layer: Henry Maldonado's new EP under the Son of Sound moniker hits on Classic Music Company.

Whatever else Henry Maldonado may do to pay the bills, his true occupation has to be painter. Or maybe chef. Because the only thing I can think of when I listen to his constructions… and that’s what they are… is the layering and the intent behind each sonic texture. A native New Yorker who conjures up history with his Son of Sound moniker, Maldonado IS House history and not an ounce of that experience, both House and hometown is left out of his music. You can hear it on his self-titled debut LP from last summer. “Tell Me Lies” stood REAL tall last year for me too.

Frankly, The Love Up Beat Down EP is the perfect pin to put on the Classic catalog so far in 2017, with its own array of rich and complex songs and the artists who create them. “‘Bout Love Again” has that Mediterranean disco swing and packs plenty of punch. “Need Each Other” is the slower, sensual disco vibe with luscious instrumentation and new bits revealed on every listen. “Influence Is Bliss”, much like “Tell Me Lies,” is pumping and hypnotic, anchored by a funky filtered bassline. And so though the mechanics may have changed from back in the day, the spirit and the sound are still as strong as they ever were.

Son of Sound: The Love Up Beat Down (Classic Music Company)
1. Son of Sound: ‘Bout Love Again (Original Mix) (6:26)
2. Son of Sound: Need Each Other (Original Mix) (6:56)
3. Son of Sound: Influence Is Bliss (Original Mix) (7:15)


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