Soul Button: Master of My Fate

A skein of twisted beauty is shot through the four track Master of My Fate EP from Soul Button on his home label Steyoyoke. The title track invokes a dark sensibility – a vocal that sounds either disturbingly wholesome or wholesomely disturbing or simply k’d out beyond consciousness. These tracks seem determined to challenge DJs and dancefloors and push creative selectors to the limit to find things that go with them other than these tracks themselves. There was a time in music history – you could call it “less jaded” but it was merely less worldly – when you could talk about electronic music as the kind of thing that could elevate or deconstruct consciousness and serve as a catalyst to alternate states of mind. This feels like a throwback without actually being retro: there’s no question this sounds like it was made circa 2017, but made by someone with an almost cavalier attitude toward trends. “Master of My Fate” isn’t your dad’s Techno, but neither is it the kind that nervous DJs claim optimistically is the next big thing. Soul Button has stepped outside of the mainstream chronology and made something singular – something not easy and rarely rewarded but always rewarding.


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Soul Button: Master of My Fate (Steyoyoke)
1. Soul Button: Master of My Fate (Original Mix) (7:14)
2. Soul Button: Secret Sense (Original Mix) (7:28)
3. Soul Button: Illumine (Original Mix) (7:35)
4. Soul Button: Paramour (Original Mix) (6:25)