The best remix from one the most fascinating reclamation projects of last year gets a vinyl release.

Soul Clap deliver a rousing rendition of “I Just Keep Dancing,” by Benjamin Ball, one of the groovier tracks from the impossibly sexy South African disco compilation Boogie Breakdown from Cultures of Soul. Focusing on Synth-Disco from South Africa released during the first five years of the 1980s, Boogie Breakdown showed an incredibly fun and celebratory side to an era known to us in the West primarily for the struggle for freedom.

Benjamin Ball’s original is pressed on one side; Soul Clap scale his sheer, polished wall of synths and preserve his half-scat/half-rap vocal with a supercharged bass and transform the back up girls into a hands-in-the-air hallelujah chorus.

Benjamin Ball: I Just Keep Dancing (Soul Clap Edit) (Cultures of Soul)
A1: Benjamin Ball: I Just Keep Dancing (Original Mix)
B1: Benjamin Ball: I Just Keep Dancing (Soul Clap Edit)



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