The good thing about doing a tribute/take/homage to something like “French Kiss” is it’s so fucking ubiquitous nobody is gonna think you were trying something shady. Soulphiction’s “Beehive” has as its A side a deliciously discursive “Hi Phife Mix” that just hammers that familiar loop (with a slight difference from its predecessor) like a machine driven halfway to the earth on a sketchy, half-dead transmission. The “Classic mix” picks up the pace with some slippery bass and hissing hats.

But we gotta give it up to Jamie 3:26 – Chicago’s own delivers the “Windy City Bump” mix and it does what it says on the label. This is fresh – Jamie produces like he DJs, he’s willing to throw it all out there and lay it on the line if it will make you jack yourself to death. This is just the essence of a basement jam – you can almost feel the sweat on red brick walls and a line of abandoned drinks from the tidal flood to the dancefloor.

Soulphiction: Beehive / Local Talk
1. Soulphiction: Beehive (HiPhife Mix) (05:30)
2. Soulphiction: Beehive (Classic Mix) (06:12)
3. Soulphiction: Beehive (Jamie 3:26 Windy City Bump) (06:32)



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