An excellent selection of house from Madrid’s Mate Records, celebrating their 5th birthday with a special edition 2×12″ release, featuring eight new tracks and a pair of their most popular tunes.

You get murky, sub-tribal, tripped-out “Tribes Of Love” from Byron The Aquarius featuring vocals from Brandon Lucas, and a handful of similarly warm, narcotic and dreamy deep house tracks via Rafa Santos’ “Lysergic Trip,” Alfonso Bottone’s “If This Is Heaven I’m Coming Too” and Melchior Sultana’s “I Wanna Go Back,” all of which have that winning combination of a hazy, soft feel to the chords and melodies, with a tough edge to the beats and bass.

Deep house soldier Javonntte‘s “Tribute K.A.” is more cool and detached, its low-end stabs and delayed vocal combination nicely hitting a darker, edgier take on deep house, while Gari Romalis‘ “Ya No (Smuv Cruz Mix)” is also less fluffy and more taut, pursing a burnished, tech-tinged, driving deep house vibe.

A great multi-flavoured collection of reliable, and reliably underground, house music.

⚪️ All Together!! Tracklisting

Various Artists: All Together!! (Mate Records / 2x12" Vinyl + Digital)
1. Byron The Aquarius - Tribes Of Love ft. Brandon Lucas
2. Melchior Sultana - I Wanna Go Back ft.Janelle Pulo
3. Javonntte - Tribute K.A
4. Tilman - Let Your Body Take Control
5. The Blaxploited Orchestra - Ready To Go
6. Gari Romalis - Ya No (Smuv Cruz mix)
7. Garrett David - Sassy Lead And A Familiar Bark
8. The Winelambs - Walls Of Sound
9. Alfonso Bottone - If This Is Heaven, I´m Coming Too
10. Rafa Santos - Lysergic Trip

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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