This is like reading the back of a pack of Chinese firecrackers: light quickly and run away. Drop the needle anywhere, at any point on any of the three tracks of Specter’s new EP from Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature and be prepared to scrape up what’s left of your head off the floor. In particular, there’s so much to love about “Zodiak”, an acid overdose that reaches a point of hypnotic frenzy, or the title track that reeks of chrome and fried electronics.

The hardest tracks to write about are the ones you really love. The poet Tadeusz Rozewicz said that the best description of bread is a description of hunger, and I’m beginning to understand what that means. Listen to this when you’re looking for music, when you need it, when you’re most hungry for it, when you’re done sorting through the thousands of nearly identical, polite and heavily moussed techno tracks released each day. Or just when you need to blow shit up – that’ll work too.