I’m going to start out by repeating what I’ve said often: every record that’s been dropped by Ricardo Miranda is a treasure and if you think you have enough secret weapons like this in your bag then I must assume you are lost. Alex Agore‘s “Spirit Traveling” is the best release the (extremely prolific) producer has released all year – a Latin, tribal march, oozing with soul and thunderous beats. DJ Spinna as The Free Radikalz contributes “Open Up” (Dub Mix) from a 2004 Wonderwax record and a cosmically chill groover that marries Sun Ra, Quincy Jones and, well, DJ Spinna.

Rick reaches back to 2006 for his Vega Records release “Termino Mi Amor.” The original showcased jazz woodwinds (a flute in particular); the “Deeper Pass” mix showcases a fiery organ solo and as soon as I heard it I knew where it was going and I’m grateful for Rick taking us there. This is epic in scope and executed masterfully: a solo that clocks in for a major part of the 10:19 running time and invokes spirits that would make the resident atheist call down the Holy Ghost.

DJ Spinna, Alex Agore & The Latin Soul Brothas: Deeper Than Deep / Noble Square Recordings
A1. The Free Radikalz – “Open Up” (dub mix) (7:41)
A2. Alex Agore – “Spirit Traveling” (7:22)
B1. Latin Soul Brothas – “Termino (Deeper Pass)” (10:23)



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