Stereogamous and Shaun J. Wright’s Don’t Fight It

Yet another great record from Alinka and Shaun J Wright's Chicago-based Twirl! Recordings

Describing themselves as “the gayest band since The Village People,” Stereogamous are a production/DJ duo from Sydney, Australia. Making their debut on Alinka & Shaun J Wright’s brilliant Twirl label, if there’s any justice in this world, then “Don’t Fight It” should mark a serious milestone for both label and artists. Featuring Shaun J Wright on vocals, the original is simply what pop music would sound like in 2016 if major labels and giant PR budgets were all suddenly exterminated (hey, I can dream can’t I?) Unbelievably catchy and aimed squarely at a party crowd whilst remaining utterly credible, the original version is simply as near perfect a track as I’ve heard so far this year.

UK producer and one half of “Freaks” with Luke Solomon, Justin Harris steps up for the first remix; a moody, bass- and percussion-heavy workout, perfect for late nights and closed eyes. Alinka closes out the package with a floaty, hypnotic, shimmering groove, placing the vocal at center stage with added atmosphere thanks to sweeping chords and acid tweaks. To my ears this package perfectly represents the new breed of slightly off-kilter, fresh and exciting electronic music, proving that House Music’s tried and tested formula can stand a few tweaks while still providing complete dancefloor satisfaction.