Stilz: Starcrash

Sci-fi, neo-retrowave vibes from Stilz for the full-on Starcrash project.

Pulsating vibrations from a cosmic transmitter or one closer to home? Stilz’s Starcrash project is going full-on with the sci-fi overtones and has a neo-retrowave vibe that would be at home alongside Claudio Simonetti’s post-apocalyptic soundtracks.

“Test Pilot” (one of only three tracks of the 11 available at the time of writing) is slow, seductive and utterly entrancing. If Stilz is just a person, they either have access to top-flight gear or know what the hell they’re doing with what they have because this sounds fantastic. “Galaxy Express 2185” is REAL space age bachelor pad music – a kind of cosmic lounge, maybe even an instrumental dubby take on “I Feel Love” and the first great danceable synth records of ages gone. This tokes heavily on the imagery and aesthetics of the genre and the music more than matches up to it.