Ströme team up with Nick McCarthy and the Moog IIIp on Right Now

A delicious slice of slick '80s influenced synth-pop made on the same Moog IIIp on which the Beatles performed "Here Comes The Sun" and Giorgio Moroder "I Feel Love"...

Synth geeks, rejoice! Introducing German duo Ströme’s forthcoming debut album, confusingly* titled Nr. 2, comes first single “Right Now,” featuring Nick McCarthy.

A delicious slice of slick ’80s influenced synth-pop, “Right Now” (and, we’re told, the entire album) is centered around possibly the rarest and most famous modular-synthesizer ever: the Moog IIIp. Incredibly, Ströme were able to record on the very same instrument upon which The Beatles performed “Here Comes The Sun” and Giorgio Moroder utilized so powerfully on Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” before its original owner, Eberhard Schöner, donated it to Deutsches Museum last year. Fittingly enough, Ströme were invited to perform when the museum unveiled their most-prized musical exhibit.

But, I digress… “Right Now,” as well as featuring the ultimate cult modular instrument, also boast lush vocals from Nick McCarthy, frontman of Glasgow rock band Franz Ferdinand, who as it turns out is also a lifelong analogue synth obsessive. McCarthy features on three tracks for the Nr. 2 album, which I’m assured takes on techno, ambient and electro textures, all with the Doepfer A100 and Moog IIIp at the centre of the action. A live tour will be accompanying the release of the album, no mean feat with analogue modular systems alongside a live band.

“Right Now” is simply the kind of effortless synth-pop gem you can play over and over again without even noticing its delicate intricacies. Brilliant — bring on the album!

* Not entirely confusing, given that the duo’s 2016 debut EP on Compost was called Ströme Nr.1

Ströme X Nick McCarthy: Right Now (Compost Records / Digital)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.



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