“Root Frequencies” opens with a filtered and processed sound that sounds like a phone ringing when you place the call – a signal of the call being placed, for the rhythms being summoned by The Sun God. A growling synth joins in, foaming at the mouth, revealing its rabid nature. Drums come in with a Chicago militancy that characterizes Jamal Moss’ work and the track is joined shortly after by pulsating synth leads and warbling synth bass. The track feels like a communique from one planet to the next–raw but futuristic, Earthly and synthetic, dirty and pure. It is this fusion that makes work like this so fascinating.

“Memory Disruption” opens with some filthy Chicago style drums and is joined by a teetering synth lead evoking mystery and disorientation, like walking through the fog of your mind and being met with uncertainty, self doubt verging on panic summoned by the interplay of sleazy leads, deep bassline and persistently playful drum styling. “Hashish” is a filthy beast of a track. Madness. It is all id, pure pleasure and play. Seemingly no rules where raw, incessant drums and an unintelligible sample in a bed of jet streams lead to an insanity that can only come from a few producers who are unafraid to take the listeners out of their comfort zones and push things to their limits and beyond, altogether making new forms of musical vocabulary and context. This track won’t work on all dance floors but that is why it is special. It will take a special kind of DJ, unafraid to challenge their listeners, to drop this on the right crowd at the right party at the right time and take them into frenzy. The unpredictable, illogical nature of it gives it that DJ tool feel so I can see this being used creatively in conjunction with another track for additional craze and interplay. This is the crazy cousin of the tracks on this EP and that is why it is my favorite on this release. Go tear some shit up!