S U R V I V E Releases RR7349

Two members of S U R V I V E scored Netflix's summer blockbuster Stranger Things, and come through with a dynamite LP.

It’s not often you see an act on Bandcamp with 650 copies of vinyl sold out within a few days of their album drop. That’s because two members of S U R V I V E are Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, who scored Netflix’s summer blockbuster Stranger Things. There have been quite a few posts about the music of and soundtrack for Stranger Things but here you have the real deal, with the other two members of the Austin-based quartet’s new LP.

Cosmic new wave crashes through RR7349, with the experimental bent of Tangerine Dream. Ominous IDM freakouts lurk around every corner, along with tracks like “Other,” whose grandiosity makes it sound something like the theme song for a South African E.T. rip off or one of magician Doug Henning’s TV specials. “High Rise” is pure Moroder circa Scarface: glassy, demented Odyssey or ARP effects and sharp, saccharine synth stabs. Cosmically demented or masterfully epic, so much synth-based music sounds like the soundtrack for imaginary films. This is the real thing.


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