It’s a damn sight to come across my old friend Elbert Phillips’ name on a promo fished out of the 5 Mag review pool. Elbert did one of our very first 5 Mag DJ mixes (we actually pressed them on CDs back then) and even wrote some record reviews here for awhile, introducing artists like Franck Roger to our then largely Chicago-based audience. About a year ago he released a handsome record on the Atlanta-based Tambor Music with some sweet Mike Dunn remixes, but seeing him attached to the Sy Sez project “Falling” on Peppermint Jam caught me by surprise.

At the risk of repeating myself, Peppermint Jam is something of a marker for a classic label resuscitated properly; to my eyes they haven’t made a misstep in injecting new life into their label without compromising on a certain integrity of sound. “Falling” featuring Phoenix Pearle is a gem; I don’t know if the songwriting differs from the top-listed artists but this could easily be a cover of a late ’90s SilkMix or DefMix (pick your *Mix here) production. Originally previewed on the Peppermint Jam comp The Jam Files 3, the single shows off some additional looks from several remixers. The Raw Dub is flexible for those who may veer from soulful to even more progressive sets (that will be read wrong: there’s a proper pop polish to this that can play for that crowd). Sebb Junior turns up the bass funk on his remixes, and Phillips pours out the soul amidst a glimmering shower of vibes and chimes. Replika’s remix is stripped back only to showcase those kinky keys (Wurlitzer, if I’m not wrong) solo that brings down the house.

Sy Sez ft Phoenix Pearle: Falling (Peppermint Jam)
1. Sy Sez ft Phoenix Pearle: Falling (06:28)
2. Sy Sez ft Phoenix Pearle: Falling (Raw dub) (05:48)
3. Sy Sez ft Phoenix Pearle: Falling (Sebb Junior remix) (06:25)
4. Sy Sez ft Phoenix Pearle: Falling (Sebb Junior Stripped dub mix) (06:25)
5. Sy Sez ft Phoenix Pearle: Falling (Elbert Phillips Classic Club mix) (10:56)
6. Sy Sez ft Phoenix Pearle: Falling (Elbert Phillips Main Vox SubBass mix) (11:07)
7. Sy Sez ft Phoenix Pearle: Falling (Replika remix) (05:45)



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