Systm B: Écosystémique

Bruno Gauthier's latest project released by Atjazz.

By sheer chance, Bruno Gauthier’s “Cahokia’s Secret” project is one of those records I discovered recently, about three years after everyone else has already praised, played and digested its peculiar fusion of techno atmospherics and jazzy house grooves.

Systm B is Gauthier’s latest project and it’s not going to get by me this time. These four tracks will find their way into genre charts under some combination of “dub” and “techno” and while it’s not wrong, it’s not wholly correct.”Computation” feels like it’s going to be a stripped down homage to Detroit or old Berlin, but it really starts to vibrate with an internal energy and groove that defies easy analysis. “Cross-Tabulation” uses heavy electro effects to craft a piece of emotional dance music – think of someone like Carpenter Brut remixing L.I.E.S. and maybe we’re close to it. “Satisfaction” is probably the most dancefloor friendly track – dark in places but bright in others, an almost perfect piece of electronic music for a modern techy sorta set.

On Écosystémique, Bruno crafts an organic swing, an internal metronome that chimes to the biomechanics of the human body and you can feel it down deep, down to bone marrow.

Systm B: Écosystémique (Atjazz Records Company)
1. Systm B: Computation (Original Mix) (6:26)
2. Systm B: Clarity (Original Mix) (8:11)
3. Systm B: Cross Tabulation (Original Mix) (7:45)
4. Systm B: Satisfaction (Original Mix) (7:12)



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