Ah, Stockholm. Home to beautiful people, endless summer nights, clean air and hordes of marauding Finns rampaging through the town on Booze Cruises from Helsinki… The city is also home to Oh!, one of Sweden’s longest running club nights and now a fantastic label too, thanks to founders Andreas Hansson & Dana Bergquist. As one might expect from a Scandinavian House label, the artwork for each release is beautifully designed and the music is understated, laid back, impeccable. Their latest offering, the aptly named Good Night From Chicago comes courtesy of Italian producer T. Ruggieri.

Restrained and deep throughout with a rolling bassline and deftly constructed arrangement, the original version sounds like a suitable soundtrack to a slow drive through the city late at night. Barcelona resident and lovely fellow Soul Minority delivers a truly show-stealing remix here, adding mournful jazzy keys, hypnotic percussion and haunting vocal samples. Finally, Mark Mansion & Linus K complete the package with a stripped down, bass-heavy rework.

If you like your House Music silky smooth, you can’t go far wrong with Oh! Records, and this latest release represents a great introduction to the label.