Tape_Hiss: Cognitive Dissonance

Tape_Hiss is back on Love Notes with a double vinyl 12″. Cognitive Dissonance is a gorgeous collection of sounds, on a release that sounds like an especially tight live PA captured from antique machinery and a tangle of co-ax and cable chained together until they make they most beautiful music.

Florid tracks like “Gorilla Glue” are as emotive and cinematic than any ambient record, yet never succumb to a navel-gazing drone. “Nasty Boy” is especially effective for dancefloors, and its surface beauty and deep, lush tones and synths – sounds as fragile and delicate as blown glass – augment a pretty fucking jackin’ track. “No Neck and Bad As Hell” has an absolutely wicked bassline, with claps and hats that make it sound like slowed down footwork or juke.

The second side is more aggressive than the first, but still quite beautiful. There should be a tremendous demand for this record and the same should be said for future productions from the man himself.


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Tape_Hiss: Cognitive Dissonance (Love Notes)
A1. tape_hiss: “Gorilla Glue”
A2. tape_hiss: “Nasty Boy”
B1. tape_hiss: “Folding Space”
B2. tape_hiss: “Cognitive Dissonance”
C1. tape_hiss: “No Neck & Bad As Hell”
C2. tape_hiss: “Hardly Trippin'”
D1. tape_hiss: “Furious Styles”
D2. tape_hiss: “Videodrome”