Deep, sensual Techno marks the latest EP and the fifth overall release from Amsterdam’s Taped Artifact (a label which is not actually released on tape. You have to make that distinction nowadays.)

Physical Therapy’s “Emotional Dub” … pretty much says it all! Raw, cheeky and freshly-scrubbed, this one is all slow burn, from long synth synewaves to a manic crescendo of snares and glistening hats. On its own? It makes this EP a bargain at twice the price. “Simple Models’ by Elmer picks up a similar rhythmic pulse and builds a fiery analog-sounding track, a little paranoid and a little hectic. Kevin Arnemann’s “Plexus” takes root in the Dub Techno side of the universe and soars off into the distance with it – solid, uptempo and peak-time Techno. Hiver wraps it up with “Intersect” (starring Ben Murphy): a crazy cross-pollination of classic beats under tones that sound like the call sign of a dystopian world news service. If this is meant to be a label sampler for ADE or a coming attractions for the rest of the world, it’s a big sign that says… Hey, come on over, great shit is happening here.


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