Technorama Releases speaKwave’s Archives 2000-2004

A brief collection of “archive material” from Speakwave, stylized as “speaKwave,” better known as Dynarec and the founder of the sometimes ultra-aggro techno powerhouse Vaporwave (the label, not the genre).

The five tracks from 2000 to 2004 have a certain floridness to them, synths don’t play patterns as much as erupt in sunbursts and the drums spike with high-and-tight pads that pop out of the bass bins. “Soap And Manners” and “Bass Attacker” have a cinematic quality – all of these are great for home listening – while “Inkasso” shivers like a tamed and tampered synthwave groover.

A nice find here from Technorama, which has released some pretty fly 12″ over the last decade from Roy Davis Jr, Whim-ee & Myles Sergé, Jonas Kopp and Terrence Parker/Ellery Cowles.

speaKwave: Archives 2000-2004 Part I / Technorama Records (December 2019 / Digital)
1. speaKwave: Before (05:07)
2. speaKwave: Soap And Manners (05:14)
3. speaKwave: Bass Attacker (05:01)
4. speaKwave: Inkasso (04:22)
5. speaKwave: Consequences (04:47)



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