This is fine, fine work. “Free” appeared in September 2022 from A-Trak and Lee Foss with Uncle Chucc interpreting a track from Goodie Mob’s famed 1995 southern hip hop classic album Soul Food. It sounded, well, classic — exactly like you’d imagine a mid-’90s Def Mix remix to sound, with Uncle Chucc giving a tremendous performance interpreting Cee-Lo Green’s legendary vocals.

Hardly had we heard that Chucc passed away on January 27 2023 when we were blessed by this remix from Brazilian DJ Bruno Furlan. I don’t know if this was being kept in the bottom of the bag for a specific reason but this is some good shit — a dubbed out mix that Furlan takes to the furthest reaches of the club and pulls back like it’s dancing on the end of a string. Big drums and a vocal that is even more poignant with Chucc having transitioned, free, to a place where the world no longer worries him.

“Free” was always a spiritual house anthem waiting to be made, and it was an inspired choice by these guys to get it done when Chucc was still with us. This is allegedly the first of several remixes to be released with all appropriate legal and moral blessings.

A-Trak & Lee Foss ft. Uncle Chucc: Free (Bruno Furlan Extended Mix) (Fool’s Gold / Digital)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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