Maurissa Rose is one of those vocalists that sounds like she’s singing with her whole heart only to you.

Already a bit high on her collaboration on “Look At The Stars” on Dave Lee’s latest album Produced With Love II, I was thrilled to see her team up on another collaboration with Theo Parrish as the featured performer on “It’s Out Of Your Control.” Theo’s bassline rolls out in huge looping arcs backed by drums that explode in the mix. At nearly 10 minutes, watching this live would be a real treat; on wax it’s amazing enough to behold. The instrumental will likely prove useful for DJs and for those who can’t help but to try to snatch a sample.

Maurissa has collaborated on multiple Sound Signature releases in the past, including Theo Parrish’s “This Is For You” and Alton Miller’s “Bring Me Down.” This is probably the peak, though.

Theo Parrish & Maurissa Rose: It’s Out Of Your Control (Sound Signature / 12″ Vinyl + Digital / July 2022 + March 2022)
A1. Theo Parrish: “It’s Out Of Your Control” (feat Maurissa Rose) (9:34)
B1. Theo Parrish: “It’s Out Of Your Control” (instrumental dub) (10:24)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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