This record is so good that record producers are going to hate Thierry Tomas and still make him a bit of coin when they buy two copies of it. Tomat is an album of jazz, funk, smoky lounge and hazy afterparty music, tied together under the theme of “rethinking the soundtracks of Soviet cinema and Polish jazz of the second half of the 20th century.” That sounds like high art, but I assure you that this record was made for discriminating DJs and highly discerning dancefloors. Tomas spices his percussion with the sound of drumsticks and brushes on snares, his guitar and basslines with the sounds of fingers over frets and gives the four tracks on Tomat a handmade familiarity and something of an authentically soulful aesthetic.

“August” leads off with dreamy horns and twinkling keys and drums that in almost any other context would be described as “driving” or “energetic.” And they are energetic and driving but it’s subtle, like the hum of an engine after hours of driving after dark.

That’s as pretty as it gets (and, to be clear, it’s very pretty.) The last three tracks are dirty, sweaty, grimy masterworks. “Signor Pomidor” is a sugar shack funk shakedown. I have no idea where this track originates or the story behind it but it’s just begging to be taken out of the sleeve and played back to back to back again. “Shaking” has less swagger, more sex — an uptempo and sensual track whipped by little riffs, licks and dazzling reverb that seems to echo forever. “Double Bass” could have originated as a b-side in a Quincy Jones jam session. Hell, all of them could. A great EP is one that gives the DJ four or five tracks to play and still leaves you wanting more. You’ll love these, all of them, and you’ll want more.

⚪️ Tracklisting

Thierry Tomas: Tomat EP (Minor Notes Recordings / 12″ Vinyl + Digital)
1. Thierry Tomas: August (06:52)
2. Thierry Tomas: Signor Pomidor (06:32)
3. Thierry Tomas: Shaking (07:54)
4. Thierry Tomas: Double Bass (08:30)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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