Third Son

That’s what you call music with an unambiguous message. The stuttering “Your Future Self Is Talking Shit About You” bounces along, relentless yet cheerfully contemplating the many cringey things you must be doing and will regret later. This is the title track of Third Son’s latest EP, released in November from Hot Haus Recs.

Third Son had a productive lockdown with a challenge fulfilled to write, record and release a debut album in 20 days. He obviously didn’t run out of ideas with tracks like these bouncing around in his project files. The glitchy title track has a sloppy sideways swagger and distinctive arrangement that will keep kids dancing in concentric circles for days. All the sharp edges of “Your Future Self” are honed to the sharpness of broken glass on “Slow Destiny of Fob,” made and ideally played in a place where electro and DJ Deeon meet.

Third Son: Your Future Self Is Talking Shit About You (Hot Haus Recs / October 2021)
1. Third Son: Your Future Self Is Talking Shit About You. (06:16)
2. Third Son: Just Sculpted Air Pressure (05:54)
3. Third Son: Slow Destiny Of Fob (06:08)

Photo: Third Son by Sandra Seaton

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo by Hype Filter.



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