There was a time — and comparatively speaking it wasn’t all that long ago — when a great track would stick around for a very, very long time before it slipped into the remainder bins and was ushered on its way to becoming a staple in a set we quaintly call “classics.” If there were a merciful deity overseeing happenings on this planet, that would be the fate for Lessons of Regret, a gorgeous two track instrumental EP from Copenhagen producer Thorsteinssøn. Both tracks fit the bill for that era based on scope alone, with the shortest clocking in at eight and a half minutes long. And you hear this train coming for a long time before it arrives, but when it does arrive, it’s a riot of sound, chords and pure unadulterated groove.

“W.D.I.A.G.R.” is a supremely deep, profoundly soulful experience — the kind of track that gets you a little contact high as the first few guitar licks roll over. This could be seen as supremely indulgent, and it is — nine minutes of nodding, eclectic sundown-at-the-beach indulgence for DJs to play around with.

The title track on the flipside gallops with bongos and throbbing live bass, like the Doobie Brothers sat down and finally found a groove they could geek out on. It feels incredibly dumb to say that this is “for those who like live instruments and musicality” because everyone should like those things. But if you prize gorgeous musicianship in pursuit of capturing a vibe above all other things, these are your songs.

Thorsteinssøn: Lessons of Regret EP (Trust Tone Recordings / July 16 2021 / 12″ Vinyl)
1. Thorsteinssøn: Lessons of Regret (08:42)
2. Thorsteinssøn: WDIAGR (9:10)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo by Monologues Family.



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