Tim Zawada’s popular edit series makes it’s debut on vinyl with an eclectic selection of R&B, boogie and pop from the previous 30 years. Since a couple of the artists on here keep a pack of lawyers fattened on red meat and gunpowder to make them mean, we’ll take the nametags off and let your own musical knowledge fill in the blanks.

“Wanna Be Lover” is the stand-out track: the original gets hijacked through a funky carwash and comes out the other end as one of the rare edits that isn’t just “different”, isn’t just repurposed but can be preferred to its (extremely successful, both artistically and commercially) source material. “Go Deeper” takes an original that hasn’t aged well at all (despite being released barely 15 years ago) and makes it sing. Masters at Work had a shot at remixing this back when it was new – and that mix has aged even worse. If you heard Zawada’s edit on the radio, you might think this was some undiscovered Jellybean remix of an ’80s pop hit.

There are so many unique textures and tones added that it goes way beyond what you think of in the backwash of the disco edit craze – “re-imagined” or “re-booted” (no pun intended) is probably a better description of what you’ve got.