Representatives from two of the best new-ish deep house labels hook up on the 10th release from Canadian deep house mainstay Selections. Time To Dance features four original tracks from Rafa Santos, the dynamic figure behind Spanish deep house label Mate, which has released quality vinyl from the likes of Nico Lahs, St. David, Javonntte, Chicago’s Garrett David and more (and some of the “more” are listed in a review of their latest V/A in this very issue, by Harold Heath.) The two labels’ catalogs have a lot of artists in common, and now one more thing to bind them with Time To Dance.

“Smoke Sax” is a pre-nom for this issue’s truth in advertising award: sparse chords, brassy hi hats and a saxophone cutting shapes like a jigsaw frame the night in jagged light and shadow for this classic afterhours cut. You’ll feel “Breath Away” in waves — it comes on like a happy pill, a bassline rumbling like a chained beast and a sound that melts the walls and everything around them into one puddle of bliss pooling at your feet. The b-side features the fuzzy ’90s Chicago track “About House” and the smothering ’90s Jersey Garage jam “Space Lounge.” Nothing misses and after 10 “selections” I can’t remember this label putting out a single bad track.

⚪️ Time To Dance Tracklisting

Rafa Santos: Time To Dance (Selections / 12" Vinyl / October)
A1. "Smoke Sax" (6:34)
A2. "Breath Away" (6:36)
B1. "About House" (6:05)
B2. "Space Lounge" (6:55)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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