Titonton Duvante: Recapitulate EP Vol 2

Soul Research has brought back Titonton Duvante for a second EP, closing the books on Recapitulate in dramatic fashion. The original featured Christopher Rau and Yotam Avni, who are absent the second time around and not especially missed (that was meant to be a compliment!)

“Recapitulate (Part 2)” is gorgeous – a tweaking squawkbox of a track with sweeping synths and percussion that hammers down to the bedrock. I’ve said this before, but certain tracks you can almost hear being covered by a jazz trio without anyone guessing their electronic origins. It’s the test of a well-written track. This is one of them.

“Get A Glimpse” takes a darker turn; the flip takes an unexpected one with a jazzy vocal track featuring Rosina Kazi competing with a bank of untamed electronics.


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