This incredible EP brings together four of the best deep house artisans of the past 30 years on one wax plate. Trinidadian Deep leads off with “Rebel Fract,” a track of earthy beats and celestial organ keys. Chicago’s Vincent Floyd is on the remix and this is probably the best remix work he’s done – a slow-burning jam with delicate keys and the laid back vibe familiar to his original productions.

Javonntte owns the flip with the jacking “Jazzy Day” whose melodic keys get turnt by Patrice Scott‘s stellar, steely percussion and swaying jazz swing. All four tracks have a feeling that’s more organic than electronic, vibrating with color and beauty. If anyone ever questions that house music is art, show them this and charge them $5 for wasting your time.

Trinidadian Deep & Javonntte: Various Vol 2 / Chubby
A1: Trinidadian Deep: “Rebel Fract” (6:44)
A2. Trinidadian Deep: “Rebel Fract” (Vincent Floyd remix) (8:15)
B1. Javonntte: “Jazzy Day” (5:57)
B2. Javonntte: “Jazzy Day” (Patrice Scott remix) (5:34)



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