If you pick up this record only because you see Javonntte’s name on the b-side remix, I can’t blame you. For the last five or six years, that name has been shorthand for “buy on sight.” When it comes to Trozo de Cielo, you get a superb A side track too.

Chile’s Ojo de Apolo label is now up to volume 11, holding it down in their neck of the woods with a rich and authentic deep house sound. Jorge C. embeds a lovely little melody in the title track, rolling in ethereal chords and arching synths in a manner appropriate for a title that translates as “Piece of Heaven.” Jorge usually brings in one of the foundational figures of modern deep house into the mix, often a figure from Chicago or Detroit like Alton Miller, Kai Alcé or Rick Wade. This time it’s the aforementioned Javonntte, who submerges this in an ultra deep and ultra vibey dub mix.

Every vinyl release is limited edition these days (I guess Taylor Swift is not, but the rest of it is). Distribution for Trozo de Cielo is even tighter — available only on Bandcamp.

⚪️ Trozo de Cielo Tracklisting

Jorge C.: Trozo de Cielo (Ojo de Apolo / 12" Vinyl)
1. Trozo de Cielo (07:00)
2. Trozo de Cielo (Javonntte - motion remix) (07:12)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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