Truncate: 7_1 12 inch Mixes


This is the shit right here, and none of your DJ friends are gonna share. “7_1” was originally released as a 7″ and gets the remix treatment from Ambivalent and Silent Servant, and it’s nothing but spoils. The 12″ mix is just phenomenal – that sinister acid line, that deep vocal sample, that peak – you’re gonna have to scrape them off the ceiling when this one hits the runout. Ambivalent’s remix has a vibe so thick you’ll have to hack at it with a machete and give up all hope for anyone that wandered in. Silent Servant’s wrecks us with two remixes; “Version II” is my pick as it paints an agonized landscape with it, complete with dramatic synths and percussion like a drugged out rattler.


Originally published in 5 Magazine Issue 141, featuring Sumsuch on Kiko Navarro, Paris’ legendary soulful mecca Djoon, Rondell Adams & more. Become a member of 5 Magazine for First & Full Access to Real House Music.