In a dance music landscape which seems to be becoming more musically conservative by the day, it’s always hugely refreshing to hear something uncompromising and different. Chicago’s own Tunnel has been steadily building the “webuildmachines” label into something very special, with a cohesive music policy and artwork which matches it perfectly. This is techno of the dark kind (not the crossover bandwagon which so many House and EDM DJs seem to be jumping on lately) and definitely not for the faint-hearted. Visceral and potent, the music contained in this EP feels subterranean and other-worldy. Despite listening to it on a bright sunny day with a warm summer breeze blowing through my window, I couldn’t help but to be transported to some murky, cold chamber, catching glimpses of figures moving in the darkness. The challenging harshness of “Silence, Our Canvas” and the dreamlike mood of “Personal Truths” are my personal highlights, as well as Komprezzor vs A.R.M.’s dance-floor behemoth of a remix.

Brilliantly put together, provocative dance music with a clear aesthetic is so hard to come by at the moment. Spend some time with this record, even if you don’t like it at first. It might not ever give you a welcoming hug, but it’ll take you to some breathtaking places.