I’ve feel like there is never enough awareness of what was happening out in the house music hinterland – the places outside of the foundation cities and the ones that are poppin’ now or which don’t have the storied tradition of a Berlin, Manchester or Chicago or Detroit. Visiting these cities is fine, playing in them is great but you’d never judge a place from three hours in a nightclub and glimpses from a shuttle bus window.

Here we have something from Hong Kong, FuFu Records, a vinyl imprint that’s released their debut which is distributed by a company from France. Turenne is from TVFROM86, otherwise known as Thomas Zander, a fellow who has shown up on a slew of records from Chez Damier and the artists in his circle, including Eddie Leader and Siler & Dima. Turenne is sample-heavy deep house, and paramount among the tracks is the by turns trippy, driving and disconnected “Trodge Advice.” Jazzy with a Jimmy McGriff sample at its heart (according to the liner notes, I’m absolute shit at sample IDs) and a Ray Charles spoken word from an interview atop, it sounds like a classic dancefloor warm-up with a stellar swing.

There are some real treats on the B-side remixes. Marion Poncet’s remix is fantastic, reminiscent of Gemini/Spencer Kincy’s “Don’t Stop.” Paul Cut’s remix of “Don’t Get Lost” is dramatic, disconnected – in a word, loaded – like a trumpeter so drunk on the groove he’s swaying heavily and liable to tumble off stage.

TVFROM86: Turenne EP (FuFu Records)

A1. TVFROM86: “Trodge Advice” (6:39)
A2. TVFROM86: “Don’t Get Lost” (5:09)
B1. TVFROM86: “Trodge Advise” (Marion Poncet remix) (6:43)
B2. TVFROM86: “Don’t Get Lost” (Paul Cut remix) (4:49)


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