Strange things happen when DJs play tracks like this. People can start to dance weird, and that can feel confusing and dangerous. Sometimes you risk they’ll walk off the floor, and there’s nothing more scary than that. But it’s the danger and the risk that’s worth taking – the chance to hit a point of absolute euphoria or fall flat on your face trying.

Roots Underground has put out some dope sounds over the years but maybe none as important as this one. Hobby Horse is a jazz trio whose explorations of ambient and electronic sounds can be just as dangerous in that scene. Their self-titled collaboration with Luca Murgia (aka Two Thou) rides hard on the line between dance and jazz, but with a love of polyrhythms and soul that unite them. “The Chase” leads and leads you somewhere worth visiting: broken beats hammered together with vibes and winds. “Cascade” features a rework of a Hobby Horse track reworked with a drum-lover’s care by Two Thou with Afrikan Sciences. I want more music like this in my sets – complex arrangements, polyphonic sounds made and played by a people who are unafraid.

Two Thou & Hobby Horse: Two Thou & Hobby Horse / Roots Underground / Release Date: September 13 2019 / 12″ vinyl

1. Two Thou & Dan Kinzelman – The Chase (05:44)
2. Two Thou & Dan Kinzelman – India Sci-Fi (06:05)
3. Hobby Horse – Cascade (Future Rework by Two Thou & Afrikan Sciences) (04:25)
4. Hobby Horse – Cascade (Original Version) (03:54)



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