Umek used to have this really strange cat working for him who would send out his records with drops over them that reminded you about every 30 to 60 seconds that you were listening to a record from Umek and if that’s not enough to make you want to chuck the fucking thing out the window, I don’t know what is. I think that’s the only reason why we’ve never written about Umek here, because I really like the guy’s records when they’re not being smeared with anti-piracy graffiti.

Umek recently brought out his Zeta Reticula persona for a series of electro records that highlight a more frenzied and (oddly) melodic approach, as heard on EP 7 released by Electrix. “13000 AU From Our Sun” is the lead and the most thrilling track on Zeta Reticula’s EP 7 (and possibly a reference to a Snowball Earth planet detected by scientists – perhaps even a rival to Zeta Reticula as home base of The Greys!). Umek gives hard charging electro and darkwave acts like Carpenter Brut a run for their money here with sparse 808-style beats giving a street vibe to a menacing fight track.

Zeta Reticula: 13000 AU From Our Sun (from EP 7) / Electrix
1. Zeta Reticula: 13000 AU From Our Sun (5:41)
2. Zeta Reticula: A Common Motion Through Space (4:59)
3. Zeta Reticula: Chromospheric Activity (4:45)
4. Zeta Reticula: ARev 5 (5:56)



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