Charles Webster

Charles Webster, where had you gone? I had incredibly high expectations for this release; Webster, in seven minutes and nine seconds, blew me away.

The “Charles Webster 1” remix of “We Are the Lonely” is more grandiose than any ostensibly Deep House recording has a right to be. It’s cinematic yet atmospheric; atmospheric yet emotional; emotional yet never breaking a cool stride and composure. I really don’t know how to pigeonhole this: intially rough-hewn around the edges, like music coming out of a pair of scratchy Kenwoods, the song opens up like an orchid or a music box that cues a full orchestra by the time it’s finished its tune. Reminiscent in some ways of Hidden Orchestra, you can pick through layer after layer of effects or simply enjoy their majestic sweep.

Charles has three more remixes on this 12″ and looking at this family of tracks, it’s hard to believe they all share the same DNA. A couple might very well be better for a specific set at a specific club or a specific night. The Deep Dub is shockingly uptempo in comparison to the previous track. A techy “Charles Webster Mix” and a dub round out a truly spectacular remix EP.